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Successful renovation

The home feels cozy and calming when the world of colors and materials is made into a clear and functional whole.


In the renovation planning, we take into account the surface materials and cabinets of the entire apartment, as well as the functionality of the premises. If the apartment does not meet your desired living needs, it is possible to move walls, enlarge laundry rooms or open the kitchen to another room.  In Spain, it is often relatively easy to make changes to partitions, windows, electricity or water points. If necessary, the architect will draw the change drawings.


When the space plan is ready, the materials for the surfaces are chosen; tiles, paint color, types of wood and metals used. Kitchen and bathroom furniture is ordered in the planned places.

When the interior design solutions for the future housing have been carefully made, our renovation team can get to work. 

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What does the service include?

The work will be tailored to your needs and may include, for example: 

  • Site inspection measurement and floor plans 

  • Planning the functionality of the premises

  • Surface color scheme

  • Luminaire plan and placement of plugs

  • Kitchen and bathroom design and offers for implementation

  • The contractor's bid requests and review of the bids with the customer

  • Worksheets, dimensional drawings for installers and contractors

  • Updated measurements due to changes that occurred during the renovation

  • Project supervision, site visits and meetings

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Time to ask for an offer

Contact us and we'll talk more. 

You can already think about

  • schedule request for implementation

  • prepare a budget 

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