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Our story

Tila Design is a creative interior design studio on the Costa del Sol. We genuinely serve our customers and realize ready-made homes where hectic everyday life stops and vacations are relaxing. Fuengirola is our base and our office is also located here, right next to the town hall. Interior designer Tiina Mäntylä acts as the pilot of the design office, and several collaborators work brilliantly in the background.


Tiina Mäntylä

I moved from Siuntio to Fuengirola in 2018, when the legend of Tila Design also began. I am happy that my first customers are still using our services in their new destinations.


To me, interior design means aesthetic comfort, functional solutions and a homely atmosphere. Above all, it means an opportunity for individuality and creativity for me. Natural high-quality materials, textures, light and the functionality of spaces are a very important part of design for me. 

I approach my work with passion. I am inspired daily by the people I meet. In interior design projects, the best ideas for the home are born from the wishes and dreams of the customer. It is easy to build a customer-looking space on their basis. My job is to encourage and act as a guide in the jungle of selection, to assist with budgeting, raking the offer and perhaps seeing the space in a new way. 

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You exceeded all expectations.

"The goal was to make the colorful bedroom as serene and down-to-earth as possible. You exceeded all expectations with your design. Sometimes even when I wake up, I wonder if this is really my bedroom."

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