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Get a home of your dreams

At Tila Design, we want to help you to achieve your dream home, whether the job is a major renovation project or a decoration of a holiday apartment. We take the stress out of things and you can focus on enjoying the relaxing days on the Costa del Sol.

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Tiina Mäntylä

I founded Tila Design in Fuengirola in 2018 and I am happy that my first clients are still using our services in their new destinations.

To me, interior design means aesthetic comfort, functional solutions and a homely atmosphere. Above all, it means an opportunity for individuality and creativity. Natural, high-quality materials, textures, lighting and the functionality of spaces are a very important part of design for me. 

I approach my work with passion. I am inspired daily by the people I meet. In interior design projects, the best ideas are being born from the wishes and dreams of the customer. It is easy to build a customer-looking space on their basis. 

Take a look at my portfolio and get inspired by the homes I have completed.

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