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Every home is different, so we always design the interior individually, taking into account the needs of you and your home. The service is tailored into a total offer and it is clear to you what the work or products cost. Feel free to contact us, and together we can think of a package that suits you.


All inclusive package

The plan is based on your preferences, living needs and the architecture of the interior design object. We pay attention to the fact that the selected products are durable and of high quality, and that the interior design solutions are functional. For example, the scorching sun can wear out textiles quickly or interfere with the appropriate use of the space. Lighting is also an important part in terms of the functionality and atmosphere of the interior. 

Interior design includes clear plan sections from color design, furniture, textiles, lighting and accessories to change rounds.

The implementation of the plan includes project management as well as product procurement and placement so that the home is a ready-made entity that is carefree and easy to enter.


What does the service include?

The work is tailored to the target. Example content:

  • Meetings at the destination, remotely or at our office

  • Sizing visit and drawing the floor plan

  • The painting and wallpapering plan for the walls of the apartment

  • Furniture and lighting plan

  • Textile plan: curtains, carpets and home interior textiles

  • The interior product plan: mirrors, decoration boards and small finishing details such as vases

  • Worksheets and dimensional drawings for installers and contractors

  • Order work according to the interior plan, logistic monitoring, product complaints

  • Scheduling, organizing and supervising installers, furniture assemblers, cleaners 


Time to ask for an offer

Contact us and we'll talk more. 

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


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