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Offer request

Every home is different, so we always design the interior and/or renovation individually, taking into account the needs of you and your home.


The service is tailored into a total offer and it is clear to you what the work or products cost. You can acquire additional services as the project progresses. Check out  our price examples and feel free to contact us, and together we can think of a package that suits you.


Billing batches and product purchases

  • In the offer tailored to you, you will find the terms of service, which describe the invoicing installments and schedule of the workPayment is made to the account number indicated in the invoice.

  • During the procurement phase of the products selected for the interior design plan, you will receive payment instructions for a separate customer procurement account, from which we make work-related purchases.

  • During the work, you will receive information about the procurement situation, and when the work is finished, the excess customer funds will be credited in the last invoice or returned to your account.


Interior design turnkey

An interior design offer may include, for example:

  • Meetings at the destination, remotely and/or at our office

  • Sizing visit and drawing the floor plan

  • Painting and wallpapering plan for the walls of the apartment

  • Loose furniture and lighting plan

  • Textile plan: curtains, carpets and home decoration textiles

  • Interior product plan: mirrors, decoration boards and small finishing details such as vases

  • Worksheets and dimensional drawings for installers and contractors

  • Order work according to the interior plan, logistic monitoring, product complaints

  • Scheduling, organizing and supervising installers, furniture assemblers, cleaners 

Example price of the whole


Renovation plan

We will customize according to your needs. The work may include, for example: 

  • Inspection measurement and measurements of the space

  • Planning the functionality of the premises

  • Surface color scheme

  • Lighting plan

  • Kitchen and bathroom design and offers for products

  • The contractor's bid requests and review of the bids with the customer

  • Worksheets and dimensional drawings for installers and contractors

  • Updated measurements due to changes that occurred during the renovation

  • Project supervision, site visits and meetings

Example price of the whole


Interior packages

Arriving on vacation means carefree. The product package is designed so that the amount of products is sufficient for high-quality living. It may include, for example:

  • Textiles for the apartment to support the interior design

  • Small kitchen appliances, as well as cooking and tableware

  • Cleaning supplies and supplies related to laundry care

Example price of the whole


Quality inspection of the apartment

The inspection of a new apartment  may include, for example: 

  • Quality inspection of surface materials installation work

  • Checking the functionality of the installation of windows, doors, cabinets 

  • Inspection of the safety and installation work of glass railings

  • Inspection of the safety of electrical installations

  • Inspection of water fixtures operation and installation work

  • Work documentation and reporting for the client and developer

  • Document translation work

  • Supervision of repair work and reporting to the customer

Example price of the whole

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